Core Values

  • Equal opportunities for all Tasmanian students
  • Freedom of choice in schooling for all Tasmanian families
  • Diversity in education to support the needs of each individual student
  • Independence for individual schools
  • Excellence – providing quality services to members
  • Equity – serving all students and schools equally well
  • Passion and commitment to supporting independent schools
  • Efficiency in delivering services

Commitment to local, national and global collaboration in education

Core Purpose

IST serves the independent schools of Tasmania through representation, advocacy and support

Strategic Intent  – Key Outcome Targets 2016-2018

  • IST will ensure that it is consulted on all relevant government policy and that IST’s recommendations are fully negotiated.
  • IST will keep the Tasmanian community fully informed about independent school issues.
  • IST will assist member schools to increase independent school market share of student enrolments in Tasmania to 12%.
  • IST will support the development of high quality, evidenced based practice for school leadership.
  • IST will secure commitment from Government to provide 100% funding required to meet the costs of adjustment to adequately support students with disabilities.
  • IST will develop a framework for IST’s effective governance and leadership succession planning and transition.
  • IST will develop a more efficient and effective model to operate as a self-funded entity.
  • IST will retain the membership of all Tasmanian independent schools.